08 May 2009

John Stewart


MBHS 1955-60

BA(UNSW) 1964 BEd(SYD) 1967 MEd(UofT) 1972 LLB(QUT) 1991


Steam trains from Kurri; sitting in the wrong carriage and playing cards (I guess against the school rules); receiving the cane from Mr Hodge after being made to wait outside the office for hours; being generally disinterested in study and success but recall some good Maths teachers along the way; being taught dancing by Mr Bloomfield (very funny); someone tittering in Mr Hodges "sex instruction sessions" and getting the "Hodge Glare"(very intimidating).


Was supposed to be studying a BA/LLB program but parents grew tired of too much rugby and beer in my life so...with a degree in Pure and Applied Maths, was surprised to have offers to teach at 3 private schools in Sydney - with no teacher qualifications - but they got their pound of flesh.

1964-67 Maths teacher at Trinity Grammar -then off to Canada
1967-72 Maths teacher at Monarch Park, Toronto, Canada
1972-76 Head of Maths/Deputy Head at Scots School Bathurst
1972-93 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in mathematics education at the now University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba -then a career change

1995-99 Barrister and Solicitor in Toowoomba specialising in criminal and family law - (unfinished business)
1999-03 Manager of Toowomba Advocacy and Support Service (a community legal and advocacy service)
2003- Private practitioner as a mediator, in commercial, family and workplace disputes.


Married Robyn Skilton, (Maitland Girls High girl, grandfather was mayor of Maitland for years).

2 sons born in Canada who have now produced four of the most wonderful grandchildren in the world!!

Now in the process of looking at life after work in an unfortunate economic climate. Plan to relocate to Buderim in Queensland.


As a teacher, becoming a Captain in the Trinity Grammar cadet core knowing that I had been drummed out of the MBHS cadet core for certain misdemeanors.

Part of dynamic Maths team in the school in Toronto, trialling new and creative ways of teaching mathematics

Helped to introduce 7-a-side rugby into Toronto school district, Canada.

Undertaking a 10 day canoe trip down one of Canada's last wild rivers, The Missinaibi

Spending 9 years on the USQ University Council while it underwent major changes - extensive travel in Indonesia for the University.

Surviving a major career change, from the teaching profession into law in later life.

Developing The Advocacy and Support Service into one of Queensland's best community legal centers.

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